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Petting Zoo

McKee's Petting Zoo has been serving the local community free of charge for many years. It started with a vision from Bill McKee, the founder. He wanted all kids and their families to have the opportunity to interact with and learn about animals free of charge. At first it was just a vision in his head. As he had the opportunity to travel with his family, he stopped at zoos along the way and gathered ideas. He started building pens and places where children could play and have fun. McKee's Petting Zoo has become a favorite place to go for families in this area. We have a variety of miniature goats, sheep, and pigs. A popular animal that people love to see are the emu's with their dinosaur looking heads. We also have miniature horses and donkeys. Over the years we have had a camel, zebra, fallow deer, ostriches, and much more. We even had a three legged sheep that was found abandoned on the highway. In the springtime and summer, baby goats come right out on the boardwalk to play with the children, If you time it right, you might get to see babies being born or watch their mother feeding them. Inside the store you can play with bunnies, guinea pigs, hedgehogs and more. There's always something fun and enjoyable for the whole family here. Come see what's new at the McKee's Petting Zoo!

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